I suffer from agoraphobia, social phobia, panic disorder, PTSD and OCD and there are days when I can't leave the house. And it affects say like my dentist appointments if I miss an appointment or don't give them enough notice they can cancel me as a patient. I understand their reasoning for dropping a patient because if they do it too often they lose money. But my question is because of my disability can they drop me as a patient? Let's look at it like this it's 10 minutes before I got to go to my dentist appointment I already have anxiety about it next thing I know I'm having a panic attack and I end up missing my appointment. And that happens often what can I do about that you are just have to take it and find another dentist and then that's going to cause a whole another set of anxiety or do I fight back legally? I'd rather not go the legal route if possible but I kind of feel like these places are painting a wide brush on people who miss appointments like there could be some Joe Schmo just overslept all the time and there's people with medical conditions like me.