I use both Mono-Linyah and condoms as contraception because I'm young, and I'm very careful when it comes to contraceptives and I take my birth control every night. I've been taking this pill since February and have not missed a single pill. So I don't usually pay attention to the day because I know I take it every night (I know this is a bad habit). I noticed that tonight (Friday) I still have Thursday's pill. Here's the thing; I know for sure I took the pill last night. So I obviously skipped a night sometime before that. I'm only a week and a half into this pack, and the last few days I've been staying up until 3 or 4 in the am with friends. Do I take Thursday now, Friday in the morning tomorrow (Saturday) and take Saturday's on time tomorrow night? Or do I skip it entirely and take tonights pill and abstain from sex? Or could I cut it in half and take one and a half tonight and one and a half tomorrow? I'm very nervous as I have been very careful to not mess with the effectiveness of the pill. Thank you for your feedback.