I am on minastrin 24 fe and missed on active pill on Friday, took it on Saturday and took them normally until Monday, the day before the inactive pills. Like an idiot, I conpletely forgot to take the one I missed, so I essentially have 5 days of inactive pills instead of 4. On Wednesday I had unprotected sex. On Thursday morning I had gotten my usual period and thought that meant there was no way I was pregnant. But being the worry wort I am and because I haven't been taking the pills as correctly as I shoukd, I got plan b that day and took it approx. 10 hours after unprotected sex. My period pretty much stopped after Thursday, even though i didn't take my first active pill of the new pack until yesterday (Friday), though there was some light streaking. I had thought the plan b was a silly precaution and that I didn't really need to take it since I had gotten my period after unprotected sex, but considering the missed pills, was plan b actually more necessary than I thought?