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I missed my 5th pill an had unprotected sex next day could I be pregnent?

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kaismama 2 Oct 2013

You need to get a little more responsible. Of course you could be pregnant after missing 5 pills.

DzooBaby 2 Oct 2013

Do you mean you missed 5 pills this month or did you miss the 5th pill in the pack. Anytime you miss a pill, the chances for getting pregnant become greater. Missing one pill, as long as you make it up as soon as you realized that you missed it (and really, to be safest, you should use condoms for seven days following the miss) probably wont raise your chances for pregnancy that much. If you have missed 5 pills in one pack though, this is serious. Your chances for pregnancy are pretty much the same as if you were taking nothing. Missing 5 pills, you have a huge chance that you have ovulated. If you did miss 5 pills (missing 3 or more pills should follow this direction), you need to throw out the rest of this pack (or save them for extras in case of a dropped or lost pill) and immediately start a new pack with your next dose. More than likely, after missing 5 pills you will have withdrawal bleeding anyway, so you just begin a new pack like starting over, you have to use back up protection (condoms or other barrier method-not Plan b or withdrawal) until you have had at least seven consecutive days of active pills. If you want to be fully protected, birth control pills are a great and effective option BUT you MUST take them regularly and consistently!! Set an alarm on your cell phone, put a sticky note on your mirror or front door or car dashboard reminding you "Did you take your pill today?" When I was young, cell phones were not common so I had a sticky note on my fridge so I could see it every day. You girls are lucky that with a cell phone, you have the option of several alarms and it is something that you carry with you (and be sure to put your pack of pills in your purse so that you have them with you at all times!) There should be no reason to miss this way! If you are responsible enough and mature enough to be sexually active, you should be responsible enough to avoid an unwanted, unscheduled pregnancy. At this point, the only thing to do is wait for your next scheduled period. It may be late because of the hormone level changes but it should be back to normal in a cycle or two at most. If your period is late by a week or more then you can test.

Inactive 2 Oct 2013

Good answer DzooBaby - When I read the question, I was ready to answer very similar to what you did. I am a firm believer in birth control when a person has the maturity to use it properly. If one cannot remember to take one pill a day, what are they doing having sex???

kaismama 2 Oct 2013

Gotta be an adult when playing with adult toys, lol

Inactive 2 Oct 2013

Kaismama - you are so right!! I have mentioned, several times, that "adult activity" requires adult responsibility. It is so much easier to prevent pregnancy than ever before, and "accidents" are just an excuse for not doing the right thing, taking responsibility, or following instructions.

maaclover 3 Oct 2013

I missed the 5th pill in the pack an about 4 days later i started bleeding..
So is there a possiblity of being pregnant?

maaclover 3 Oct 2013

I missed the 5th pill in the pack an about 4 days later i started bleeding..So is there a possiblity of being pregnant? free discount card

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