I am on a combination pill birth control (Ocella) and a Sunday Starter. I missed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in week two. This is the first time this has ever happened in my four years of being on the pill and I took MANY steps to make sure it never happens again. I just took my Sunday pill, first pill of week three, today(Sunday). Since my boyfriend and I are both in no position to have children right now, we both were thinking of just abstaining from sex until I'm protected again instead of risking it with just condoms or anything else.

But the question both of us have is when will that be? If it's after seven days, does that still apply when after these seven days I'm starting my inactive week? Also my friend actually saw the ones I missed and just threw those that I missed away to help me stay on track(really gave her a what for for that). So I can't double up because of this. Will that affect this in any way?
When will I be protected and able to be sexually active with him again?