Friday: I missed a pill
Saturday: I took Friday's pill and since I was out, I didn't notice
Sunday: I missed a pill again
Monday: In the morning, I took Sat & Sun's pill then I took Monday's pill (11:30pm; my usual time)

It was also week 2 in the pack and my ovulation was supposedly last thursday but it didn't feel like I had one though?

I was on vacation in the beach with my fiance last week and we've been having sex. We would do it raw first then he would wear a condom later so technically, he doesn't *** in me. Before we go at it again, it's a span of hours plus it would be washed away by either the shower, cold ocean water and his pee. I don't plan on getting pregnant yet with the dress and stress of the wedding. If it helps, I've been on the pill for a year and a half.

So basically, I'm wondering these:
Did I ovulate?
What are the chances of getting pregnant?
Is it normal to have slight breast tenderness and slight nausea cause of the pills?
Should I have thrown out and started a new pack?