I started taking it in September. I had dark bleeding for a month and then it stopped and everything was fine. I had my period in November and I've missed the last 2 months. My bf and I use the pull out method and aren't cautious. He went inside me 4 days before my period should come and I missed pills along with being on antibiotics throughout this month. I took a pregnancy test tonight and it is negative. I had a pregnancy 2 years ago and miscarried after 8 weeks. I feel mild cramping, dizziness, fatigue, really bad nausea to the point where i cant eat (experienced this last time), headaches and heart burn. I'm a smoker and every time I smoke I get really sick to my stomach and can't stand it (prob a good thing!). Should I call my OBGYN? I was thinking about taking a test again in the morning however with my last pregnancy it showed up at night but I was also at 3 weeks at that point. I'm just a very busy business women and don't have time to go to the Dr. so I'm trying to prevent having to go if I don't need to.