For the past year I have been taking Junel FE birth control pills at the same time every night. This week (the 2nd week of the pack) I was sick and depressed and majorly screwed up my sleep cycle... so I missed TWO consecutive pills. I also had sex on the same night I missed my first pill. The pill manual says, "If you miss 2 pills, take 2 immediately and 2 the next day, then use backup," but it says nothing about what missing 2 pills does to pregnancy risk (I assume, increases) and it doesn't say if I should go for EC.

I did take the 2 pills that I missed. Then I called my doctor, but I couldn't get in touch with her because she had *LEFT THE PRACTICE* without informing me. The practice also lost all my medical records (3 years worth) because they transferred them over to a "new system." I spoke to a nurse practitioner who told me to "just take 4 pills today and 4 pills tomorrow." I'm not trained in medicine but that didn't sit right with me... plus what they just told me about my doc leaving and losing my records totally ruined my trust. My pills aren't listed anywhere as pills that can be used as EC, either. That's why I am here.

I really can't afford to guess and get pregnant so I went to the only other option I knew to reduce pregnancy risk... Plan B. But there's even MORE confusion when Plan B is in the mix. Some medical sites say, "Take your missed pills, AND take Plan B if you had sex in the past few days." I recently had sex, so I did that. But others sites say, "DON'T take your missed pills, just take Plan B, and then keep taking your BC as usual." I'm not sure I did the right thing. I just feel sick now, raging mood swings, and I started dark bleeding (period isn't supposed to start for another 1.5 weeks). TL;DR: What would have been the best thing to do in this scenario, and what should I do now?