First of all, hi!!!
Ok so, i was birth control about a year ago (Microgestin FE 1/20) and then I stopped taking it for about 10 months since Im in a long distance relationship, and I began taking it again this month (Due to my doctor moving clinics i had to get another doctor and therefore got a new birth control named Gildess FE 1/20). I started the birth control and took the pills every day at the same time for about 4 days into the first week, and then i forgot to take one and now I've been spotting for 2 weeks straight. Its been a hectic month and I'll admit that i could have missed maybe two more pills throughout the month but I always made sure to take 2 the next day. My spotting is mostly dark brown these days or sometimes light pink in the morning. It gets darker throughout the day I've noticed. I've been making sure to take my pill at the exact same time every day now, but I'm still experiencing spotting and it's really making me anxious. My questions are:
1.) How long is this supposed to last?
2.) If I keep spotting, at what point do I call my doctor? is 2 weeks too long? 3 weeks? 1 month?
3.) Could it be possible that I will stop spotting once I finish my sugar pills and begin a new pack?
Thanks so much