I missed day 6 first pack taking microgestin fe 1/20
The next day I took the one for the day I missed and that day. I'm on my second pack. I haven't missed a pill since that first time but I got my period a week earlier and I'm still on it. I was supposed to get my period this past sunday and I got it last week Sunday. So I've been in my period now for 11 days. Is this Normal? I've been feeling really different lately.
I've been having like hot flashes
My house temperature is at 70F and that's be perfectly fine with me and now I'm sweating bullets. I don't know if these pills are making me having these symptoms as well as back pain, nausea in the afternoon (I taken mine after 1 pm) feeling really tired lately as well. I'm an active person work out everyday but lately 30 mintues of cardio is too much for me. I don't know if I could be pregnant or it's the pills that are making me feel this way and it this Normal?