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Will I be OK if I miss 1 dose of my harvoni?

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russellbeach 2 May 2015

Of course you'll be ok. Just keep in mind the expense and how you've struggled to get approved for this med. I really want to clear this virus so I've set the alarm on my phone to go off every day, take the Harvoni, and mark it on a calendar. It sometimes creates a little brain fog and I don't want to be second guessing, did I take it or didn't I. That's just what works for me. I also phone the pharmacy a few days ahead to check insurance approval and delivery so I don't run out. Come up with a system that'll work for you. Hang in there and let's beat this deadly virus.

bam21133 2 May 2015

Thanks for your response russellbeach, It wasnt that i forgot to take it i was gone from my house and had car problems and did not get home til after midnight. I did read that i should not take 2 pills in a day , as to not double dose (overdose) on the harvoni. i also use a beeper that sounds off when im supposed to take my medication. i have been living with Hep c for 15 years and i also went through treatment before this one, shots and pills. i do not want to through this new treatment out the window, due to the fact i missed a dose.

russellbeach 2 May 2015

I go out of town a lot and always take an extra dose or two with me just to be safe. But you've got me thinking that I should always have a dose with me for situations like you experienced. Thanks for rattling my old foggy brain.

Olivia8 3 May 2015

I did my research and a lot of reading up before and after I started Harvoni. No do not double dose BUT all instructions say if you miss your dose take it asap. In other words if you take it in the morning or at noon or even at 8 p.m. and you dont get home until midnight or say 2 a .m take that dose right away. Then call your doctor or his nurse next morning and figure out how to gently get yourself back on track for the next dose and back to a better time for doses after that. Never completely skip a dose. You can even call the company... but dont let that day go by without your dose. Take it as soon as you can even tho you may be some hours late.

Sparkerz 7 May 2015

From what I understand,I'm supposed to take the pill at the same time everyday to keep the level of harvoni in my system consistent... my dr.did say if I ever forget to take it,just take it as soon as I remember,and missing a single dose could be an absolute negative impact on the goal of tx due to the resistance we all build against the NS5A inhibitor (ledipasvir) once it's introduced into our systems.once treated with an NS5A inhibitor,we will not be candidates for tx with it again due to this high resistance.Please talk to your Dr.& as other members here have mentioned designate a specific time to take your pill,use alarm(s),& any other method that's effective for reminding you its "pill time"... I keep a log of the date & time I take my pills... free discount card

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