At 17 my period was absent for about 4& a half months (july to oct) I put on weight (30ish kg) even though I was eating healthy and had plenty of excercise my body changed a lot but this could maybe be put down to natural change still I went from a size 6 to a size 10/12 and up 2 bra sizes. I never got a pregnancy test or went to the doctor or told anybody really untill I started getting really bad cramps and heavy bleeding that lasted for about 3months with maybe aday a week when I didn't bleed. I did go to the doctor this time but he didn't listen to anything I said and put me on the pil to stop the bleeding after weeks of bad head aches and told 3 times to leave it be by the doctor I stopped taking the pill myself because he wouldn't change it. Sence then my periods have regulated more but I still get heavy periods that last 2weeks every 2months recently my period was again absent for 3months tests were negative then 4 weeks of heavy bleeding and really high blood pressure (159/110) and dizzy spells .so basically I'm scared is this another miscarriage or is it some other medical reason I don't have any stis and never have had neither has my partner (same guy for the last 5years only sexual partner)and never had any serious medical conditions barely even get a cold