I had a laparoscopic procedure done almost a year ago to remove a cyst that was blocking my right fallopian tube. It was 5 cm in diameter so it caused a lot of pain as well as nausea. Every first day of my cycle I would literally vomit from the pressure I was feeling. But now since the surgery I noticed that the pain decreased and so did the length of my cycle. Now the problem is that I have been trying to have my first baby (the reasoning behind my OBGYN's decision to do the procedure) and it is still yet to happen. My boyfriend has no issues with reproducing because he has kids already. This month I was 3 days late. On the second day I passed a clot that was big enough to feel it pass! Should I be worried or am I just over thinking things? Am I sterile from having a cyst since birth that I had no knowledge of? Did I miscarry without knowing I was pregnant or am I having more complications with my reproductive system?