I didn't realize that I might be pregnant until last week. I believe I am approximately 14-18 weeks along. I have 2 children already, and am about to turn 46.
Last night I all of a sudden had liquid of some sort (clear) running down my leg, and thought I had a little bladder leak. By the time I reached the bathroom, I had the liquid still coming without any pressure from me. I didn't have to pee, either. Immediately following I felt some pressure similar to a bad menstrual cramp. Unlike a cramp however, the pain radiated around my abdomen to my back. Throughout last night and this morning I've been experiencing all sorts of random cramps, some worse than others; none have felt like a contraction though, and I'm wondering if this warrants an ER visit. I hate to waste some busy doctor's time and resources over what I think is a minor issue. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thank you so much for your time; I greatly appreciate it!!