So, I'm on the patch and I've been great about changing it on time, week to week.

However, I've lost track of my cycle. I know that I had my period last month, I just can't remember when, like what week. So when it came time to change patches, I felt like it should have been my patch free week, but I wasn't 100% sure, so I wore a patch this past week, the week of December 11th just to be safe. According to my calendar this week, the week of December 18th, should be my patch free week but I'm worried I may have miscalculated and gotten my period last week, but because I was wearing a patch there was no bleeding and no symptoms. In accordance w/ my calendar I'm patch free and haven't had sex since this whole ordeal.

I guess my question is what if I don't get my period this week?? Is my cycle messed up now?? And if I continue as usual three weeks w/ the patch, and 1 week w/out, will it return and go back to normal??

Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond