Been on Remeron for 5 years. I always felt like I was void of feelings. I wanted to clean out my system; started with taking some epilepsy meds that were first given to me but not holding my seizures. I was on Onfi 20 mg ( took 2 years to remove from my meds); waited several months and titrated Vimpat over 6 months (only on for 6 mo prior - Vimpat made me disconnected / uninterested in anything but stopped instant mood switches which we think are related to complex partial seizures. Last Vimpat taken July 2016 but still felt the effects. Waited a month and started decreasing Remeron (30mg to 26.5 (2 weeks); 26.5 to 24 mg; 24 to 21.5, etc when I got to 15 mg -I felt more clear, happier
I jumped to 7.5 mg then to 0 - I had 12 lb weight lose, started vomiting, sore throat, feeling horrible, empty, insomnia- I went back to 7.5 (no help) ; went to 22.5 and started decrease more slowly -I am now at 7.5 mg and have been in hell for months - when I went back on - it didn't reduce the symptoms and refused to keep uploading - I want off this med but want to stay sane in the process. I do take 900 mg of Trileptal for my seizure control.
Can anyone tell me how to help with the withdrawal symptoms ?