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Mirtazapine - did any one suffer with restless legs after taking 15mg of this drug?

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24 Apr 2012

I suffer with RLS, have not personally taken Mirtazapine but what what I could find, there is a small percentage of people who do have RLS as a side effect. Maybe this side effect will lessen in time.

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5 Sep 2012

Yes! I was prescribed the same amount (15mg) and every time I took it I had restless legs. I stopped taking mirtazapine after about a week because of the sides but I occasionally would take it for insomnia. I even broke the pill into about 1/8th's for this purpose and still had restless legs about an hour after taking it. I had RLS when I was younger but haven't had it in years but I definitely know what it is and the only time I get it now is after I take mirtazapine.

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