Hi all, 6 yrs ago I suffered from severe PND after premature birth of my twins. To cut a long story short was in a mother and baby unit for 3 months on Citalopram (60mg at its highest) plus quetiapine and larazapam.

I have been off all meds for 5 yrs and mentally and physically doing great :-)
However in January I went to the GP to swap contraceptive pill as was getting migraines. Was put on the mini pill and within 6 days of being on my depression and anxiety was back... so I panicked totally and said I need to go back on Citalopram !! Been on it for 4 weeks and it was horrendous to the point of making me sucidal !! I am now under the care of the mental health crisis team who have decided to taper me off citalopram and onto Mirtazapine. Taken 2 tablets so far of 15mg in the evening and def noticed the sleep and appetite have increased which great as I've lost over a stone in the 5 weeks since this depression has come back with avengance.
Anyway ill stop waffling on but would be great to hear of positive stories of people being on Mirtazapine for depression and anxiety.