Now my psych dr says to drop back to 30 mg as 45 keeps me awake and anxiety is worse. Felt better on lower doses, but would sleep until 11:00 am. Does anyone else have trouble with dosing this med? Seems like every 3-4 days I have to change the dose. It's taking a lot of my time and energy to keep trying to figure it out. Good thing I'm on Solutabs. They're easy to break into whatever I need. I had to quit my job as I can't predict how I'm going to feel each day. When it works, it works well... just very inconsistent and I can't sleep until 11:00 every day, when it does work. Diagnosed with GAD and depression along with insomnia by the way. Also take 2 mg alprazolam at night and sometimes .50 in early AM (5-6 am) if it's a night I haven't slept well. Does anyone "feel" when the Mirt wears off? This is partly why the dosing has been so up and down. I just want to feel normal again! Help!