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Mirtazapine - Is the med good for anti-depreesant?

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ChelleKay 23 May 2017

Mirtazapine is the generic for Remeron and used used for a variety of reasons. One of them is depression. I personally take this medicine and have for over 8 years. It has also helped me with PTSD and depression, with no bad side effects. I would recommend it to anyone who has not had good results with other like meds or even as a starter for depression. Remember, we all can react differently to any med. I have been on it so long I don't remember how long it took to "work" for me, I just know I felt much better rather quickly. Best wishes, ChelleKay

janiebme 24 May 2017

Did Remeron cause you to gain weight and or increase you glucose level? How much do you take? I suffer from depression/anxiety and PTSD.
Thank you.

ChelleKay 25 May 2017

I take Remeron nightly at 30mg and am happy to report there has been no weight gain associated with this med. What ever I gained was from Prenisone, which went away when my dose was lower. Its worth giving it an honest tp goodness try, as it has worked wonders for my depression and PTSD. Take care of YOU!! Best wishes, ChelleKay

ChelleKay 25 May 2017

I meant Prednisone for weight gain, plus no problems with my glucose levels. Hope this helps you. Good Luck, ChelleKay

isaacs 23 May 2017

Yes, usually when other antidepressants do not work, this may be rx-ed or a drug like elavil, sometimes this class works better with people.
Take at bedtime, or late evening, usually it will make you sleepy, tired, I always have a good nites sleep with it.

luke uno 27 May 2017

Yes its the best antidepressant I've used and a great combo with Wellbutrin or low doses of Ritalin. Makes you hungry but if you don't eat junk you won't gain weight, its not like Zyprexa that changes your metabolism free discount card

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