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Mirtazapine - Good for sleeping or just another anti depressant with side effects?

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Inactive 16 Jan 2012

Hello Jaydechen. Both. But it depends who you ask. I use it, as a sleep aid. (insominac) It helps, but its not on the level of say a sleeping benzodiazepine such as Halcion, or Dalmane, which is fine in my case since I've been down the road of benzodiazepines and don't use them anymore. As to an antidepressant, it known to be effective. Down side to this drug is weight gain. A lot of users put on the pounds. Best of wishes and good health and hope if you're considering the drug, that it works well for you,pledgr

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Jaydechen 20 Jan 2012

Thanks for the reply, I have also been down the road of benzos ect for panic attacks anxiety, iv also had depression but now my main problem is sleep, I just don't wanna start on another tablet that is addictive... It work well for sleep only been 2 nyts on 15mg but I'm scared of relying on tablets for everything but guess I have no choice as haven't slept for more than 2 hrs at a tym in 2 yrs.

Inactive 20 Jan 2012

You're very welcome. My dose of mirtazapine is not small. !35mg. 3 pills of 45mg and I manage broken sleep. Some nights almost nil, but then fatique sets and I'll get often 4 hours straight. ( thats much like winning the lottery) Again, best of luck,pledge free discount card

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