I am 29 years old, and I have never had kids. About 5 years ago I asked my doctor to put me on Mirena after hearing wonderful reviews from my sister and some friends. He gave me no choice, and put me on Paragard instead despite my concerns. I had researched them both prior, and the copper wire Paragard had a lot more negative reviews of heavier bleeding and cramps. My doctor assured me that it would be temporary, depends on the person, etc. After about 5 months of heavy bleeding and terribly painful cramps constantly, I went back and told him to get it out of me!!!
Now, 5 years later I am still wanting to try Mirena like I originally wanted to. I have an appointment set for December 14, only a couple of weeks before my 30th birthday.
My fear is that what if IUD's are just not for me?? I have researched Paragard again recently, and some people hate it and others love it. Mirena users seem more positive, but I still see reviewers who seem to be having problems like I had with Paragard. I hate to go through the pain of having this done again if the same thing will happen.
Has anyone switched IUD's? Can anyone answer my questions? Thank you.