I have had the Mirena for 7 weeks now and have experienced a lot of itching hives on my neck, chest, and major breakouts on my face. I also felt major mood swings, anxiety and nervousness literately pulsating through my body unnaturally, as well as extreme fatigue (can hardly keep my eyes open) and sometimes lack the strength to physically function, and I bleed for 2 months straight. I am on the mirena strictly for menorrhagia reason, and not for birth control. I also had 2 iron infusions in May. My OBGYN thinks these issues are not related; however the side effects list for the mirena clearly mentions these as less common side effects. Is is safe to stick it out a little longer to see if these side effects dissipate, or is it endangering my health? I had to go on short term FMLA because I couldn't function. This is my last resort before having do an oblation or a hysterectomy, so I'm willing to stick with it longer if there is hope. Has anyone experienced the same side effects and they dissipated over time?