... my right hand side of stomach the pain was so intense it shot down my leg, then had really bad period pain, I work in the middle of Australia so had to be flown back to the city and be seen by my Doctor. I had an ultrasound and x-ray, (Mirena had moved and doctor could not see it when she examined me. ) She then pulled the strings out so Mirena was visible.
Doctor could not explain what was causing the pain but had found a small cyst on my left ovary on the ultrasound. Going back for another ultra sound in 2 weeks doc said its very small so nothing to worry about. Anyway now i have been experiencing excruciating period like pain that goes away in a few minutes! And now im also feeling depressed and have panic attacks! I have had them before but not in a few years. I am 26 with no children.
Should i just get it removed or will exercising and changing my eating habits help with the anxiety/depression?