I had my mirena removed a few months shy of its 5yr max. While using mirena I had on and off periods. But it was pretty consistant of having a very light one each month. I had it removed on the Nov15th almost 2weeks before my period is due. I had very light spotting 4 days after removal that was only visible when I wiped. I was told that it takes a little bit for your period to return back to normal but I wasnt sure if that applied to me because I for the most part had a normal but light period while I was using the Mirena. I use a period tracker app to help me keep track of my period. So, AF or what i think is my peroid came as scheduled the only difference was a few tiny blod clots. Am i right to assume that this is AF and that my body is quickly returning back to normal or just more in between spotting? I was also put on LO Loestrin the day my mirena was removed I had unprotected sex on 3 seperate occassions after removal. I am for the most part ruleing out pregnancy due to my period tracker saying my ovulation cycle had ended 3 days before having it removed and I did not have sex a week prior to removal. Am Correct to assume that as well? Any input would be helpful : )