... months ago I started having lite bleeding and cramps.Each month it has gotten worse.Now I have horrible headaches,terrible cramps,still lite bleeding,and terrible mood swings and moods.I went to my gyno and he checked and everything was still in place.He told me that more than likely the hormones in my iud were waning and running out and this is what was causing my problems.He said that the extreme cramps were probably because I had a foreign object in me and that it was intensifing my cramps.My only choices were to either take it out and see if that helped(which he said it may not) or leave it alone for the next year since it was still protecting me from pregnancy.At any rate,he cannot give me hormones because I smoke.And the hormones in the mirena aren't available to be given.I am a monster.I do not know what to do with myself.Does anyone have any suggestions that I can do to relieve my problems?I am unbearable