... years old having heavy bleeding lasting for a month at a time. I feel that there was not anything untoward but yet to get my results. I feel depressed, keep crying , no energy, have headaches which seem to cause pain at the front of head at the top and behind, Aching neck and shoulders. Feel strange in myself. When I saw the Gyno a few weeks ago and raised my concerns(my Daughter had it in and had a dreadful time, and had to have it taken out) He just said "You will be fine". I said you don't know that, he fobbed me off... I feel anxious and just want this alien thing out of me. I thought it was just a coil that stops periods. I did not read up on it. I could kick myself for allowing this. I do not know what other options I have. I feel my personality is changing already. I am a positive person but feel so down and do not know what to do. I have a sensitive body that does not take well to medication. If you have any ideas of any natural things that will help it would be much appreciated. When I was not bleeding I was fine but this was not pften. I am taking (since Sat) a natural Remedy for Perimenapause called Amberen Which is good and have started Wild Yam. I went to the Dr yesterday to organise having my bloods done to see what my hormone levels are so I can take the next step. What really annoys me is that I REALLY do KNow my own body and some Drs do not believe me. I want it out. Would natural progesterone be an option?