... want them very badly . But my periods are out of control . I never stop bleeding and it's normally giant clots. My gyno first put me on a pill and that didn't do anything. And he had a ultrasound done on me that came back normal . Well obviously something is wrong with me. So when I went back he said the merana was the next step. So he put that in Thursday and also did a biopsy of my uterus. Tests haven't came back yet . But it's now been 4 days and I have been in the worst pain ever . Still bleeding so bad I bleed threw everything . Wake up in a pile of blood. It's so disgusting. I can also feel the sting on the outside of me. Poking me . These pains are so bad. Nothing is making them go away . I have been hemorrhaging for over a week . And now the pain . This needs to all go away !!!