... feel it at all. My periods are very light which is wonderful. So all of a sudden a week ago I experienced a stabbing pain in my vagina area and at the same time a painful stabbing pain where I would normally get cramps. I didn't think anything of it because it went away within a couple of seconds. So I expirience more of the same thing through out the week. Then I got terrible cramps but those went away. So all was fine and well for a day or two. Then all of a sudden I was sitting down and I felt terrible pain. It was so bad I balled my eyes out and fell to the ground. Then I felt extremely nauseous so I made my way to the bathroom slowly because I was in a lot of pain. It hurt to laugh and move. I have had appendicitis and this pain was just as bad. I could barley stand it. I sat there crying and I was shaking really badly. I also had a slight fever. This only lasted for about 15 mins. Then I was fine. And this was all just yesterday. Now I only have a little bit of stabbing pain and it goes within a couple of seconds. Well I have no idea what is wrong. Any ideas?