Hey, I've had the Mirena IUD just over 3 years. After I had it placed I had my usual heavy period for the first month, but I didn't get my period the second month or the following 3 years. I've read that not having a period is bad, I also read that not having a period is normal. So I'm pretty confused. Anyway, I'm becoming more concerned with the random bleeding I've been getting for the last year. It's a small amount but enough for me to have to use a tampon. It happens sometimes after sex, or just randomly. I'll spot for a few hours one day and nothing for four days then it will come back again for 2 days and then nothing for 5 days. There is also a discharge, clear like water to translucent white with a odor of baby vomit.

The reason why I'm here posting this is because I'm having trouble with my mental state right now and my doctor doesn't want to remove the IUD before we get my medication sorted out. Do you guys think I should wait like the doctor suggested or just demand it to be removed?

Also, I can't feel the string anymore. (I forgot about checking it. I have not checked in about a year so I have no idea for how long it hasn't been in the right place. Doctor doesn't know about that because it slipped my mind)