... and have intense cramps for a day and half to the point i feel like i have to sit down all the time at work. Is this normal to be having my period every month? My period last month was very irregular.

It was very light/spotting on the first day and then was gone the next day and was like this for the next 3 days before it started heavily again and last 7 days (which is normal for me). Other than this one time my period has been normal and regular other than it being heavy for 4-5 days and having intense cramps for 1-2 days. There has been times during my period since I've had my period after having the IUD fitted that i get some sort of blood clot or thickness/clumps of blood. When i don't have my period.

I sometimes get a weird odor from my vagina. I get really self conscious about this because i'm unsure if other people around me can smell it. Is this also caused by my IUD?

I know I should've gone to a doctor a lot sooner than now but i just thought all of this was normal