I reluctantly had Mirena inserted. I had a terrible illness this year and I have developed a tumor in my liver so doc wanted me off any form of estrogen as a precautionary measure. I was on the Nuvaring and i LOVED it. I tried every pill on the market for years and I spotted and had painful periods with all of them. Finding Nuvaring about 8-10 years ago was a godsend! Not to mention you could skip periods.

So switching to Mirena was not my choice. I am very afraid I will have irregular bleeding since that was my experience with other BC and I am afraid I will not be one of the fortunate few that has their periods stop all together.

The insertion was awful. Today is the day after and I only have some spotting but bad cramps. I am home today from work with heat to ease it. I am assuming I will get a full blown period soon since the NuvaRing was removed now that I have the Mirena.

I swear... if I dont see anything good come from this, I will have it yanked in 3 months and opt for an ablation. I have no intention to have children so even having to have a period anymore is such a nuisance.

What has been your experience? Anyone have similar history to mine and be successful and stopping periods with Mirena??