I had Mirena implanted on Aug 8, 2013. No kids, 28yrs old. Been on birth control since 13. Pill, Patch, Shot, Ring then pill again. I am coming up to my 6 week check up. The insertion was extremly painful, I almost broke the nurses hand and passed out. I had bad cramping for the first few days and spotted for the first week or two. 6 weeks later I just had a period( i think). Very light spotting for 4-5 days. Still have slight cramping sometimes. -

I have realized that I have had a lasting headache for weeks. - Is anyone experiencing this?

Also, sex seems to be getting better (atleast this last couple times). Where as the first few weeks he felt the strings and it was somewhat painfull to him but afterwards I would spot everytime and have severe cramping like he was jabbing the strings and in term it was moving the IUD around. - Very painfull for about 6-8hrs after sex. Anyone had this happen?

I am hoping to not have any additional side effects but its still early.