I had a mirena coil fitted last thursday and I've had a really weird reaction to it (compared to all the others I've read). I'm only 17 and had it done because of the medical history of my periods and not for contraception. I was told by the nurse that I may find it a lot worse than other women due to the fact that I am only young and haven't had children but I didn't really find it a painful experience, more uncomfortable than anything. She also told me that I was going to bleed for a while and could bleed/spot constantly for 6 months (as younger people tend to bleed for longer for some reason). After I got it done, I bled for a few hours after the procedure but it was nothing major and then I haven't bled since, not even any spotting and I have had some stomach pain but nothing bad.
All the reviews I have read on the internet and so on have said that they bled for months following the procedure so I just wanted to know whether there were any women who have had a similar experience to me and whether or not I should be worried?