The state cut off my health insurance with no letter as to why they did so this is my last resort right now until I can see sombody. I wont go back to planned parenting because they are the ones that put this thing in and they wernt professional at all. I've had it for about 4 or 5 months now. I'm often having mild cramping period or not since i got it. I recently had some pretty bad back pains in my lower back. they have since passed but I realized that bleeding was coming whan my back hurt like that. the more pain, the more bleeding. I had just had a normal period and it had been gone for a couple days before this's now been over 2 weeks that this bleeding has been going on. the last 2 days, my back wasnt hurting but today I was in the store and my back was a little sensitive. when I got home... more blood. I had mirena before and never had these issues. sombody give me an idea of whats wrong. should I go to the er? just wait it out? get a pregnancy test? There isnt any more then normal cramping when I bleed or have the back pains.