I am 67 & having cancer of colon and bladder. Had successful surgery during end of august,2008 followed by chemo and radiation theraphy & since then passing a stable health, more or less. Last CEA was 1.89 ng/ml and other parameter found to be normal having haemoglobin at 11.2 g/dl.I am on mircera for 6 cycle that stabiged my Hb more then 11 ng/dl from 9.5 mg/dl with no adverse reaction. Taken mircera on 24th feb,2012 but, had fever with severe shivering followed by very serious loose motion that made me very weak . After stability, i am on cefixime 200mg 2 times daily to cure lef sided pulmonery inflammatory lession & Rt. sided pleural thickening of lung for 7 days & seems improving. My latest S. creatine is 1.69 mg/dl.
Seeking your kind advise please.