I found a report for 2011 that said aside from impulse control problems, about 18% of users actually become adicted to the drug and go into severe withdrawal with PD sypmptom return. This is my problem. Thanks for any help you can give me.
My specialist told me after I read the report that I am sensitive to meds and the reward centre of my brain is over stimulated and has caused the addiction. He
said I will not get off Mirapex completely as the PD symptoms will return but
he believes Mirapex is causing memory loss and difficulty with word finding.
These symptoms are interfering with everyday functioning and it is very distressing.
I have attemted to go down on Mirapex 3x but without success as I was unaware of
being one of the 18% who become actually addicted to the drug. I need some guidance here but plan to do this very very slowly. Thanks in advance for any help.