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Is Mirapex ER also used as a muscle relaxer for muscle spasms like Zanaflex?

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coloresue 12 Dec 2015

Neither my sister or I have been prescribed Mirapex/Mirapex ER as a muscle relaxer for muscle spasms... only for RLS--restless legs syndrome. Please be aware that it can cause addictions in some people. Addictions like uncontrolled spending, gambling or sexual addictions. SOME people, not everyone.

momom 19 Dec 2015

Thank you for your answer. It does help a lot. Yes I can see it for restless leg, but I just thought it was being used as a relaxant. I will relay your answer to my friend who is taking this and caution her about the addiction etc. Have a great day!

hand&footpain 18 Feb 2018

I've taken Mirapex for years and never thought to take them to get high on them! I never felt a buzz when taking them either. I guess it hits some people more than others. I have taken 3 of them in the same hour before when the first and second one didn't work. I finally got some relief and was able to sleep but did not feel a buzz.
I'm newly on Zanaflex. Was taken off Baclofen because any time I fell asleep I perspired way too much. To the point where I had to change my sleepwear. Zanaflex doesn't do that to me. When I get muscle spasms in my feet it does work for me free discount card

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