I have had bowel movement issue for the last 4-5 years now. I began taking stool softeners and it work for a long time. I decided to go off of them and stayed regular. I had a bowel movement daily in the morning. A few years ago I had to start taking Hydrocoodone for arthritis pain I had. All over my body. I don't like to have to take it but OCT pain medications and arthritis medications just do not work for me. So I began having problems with bowel movements again. I am back on stool softeners but they seem to not work like they used to. Does anyone know if I can take Miralax like every 2-3 day to become regular again? I am plagued also with chronic nausea and I know it is directly related to irregular bowel movements. I hate living like this! The nausea causes me as much problems as does the bowel issues!