My doctor suggested taking 1-teaspoon MiraLax daily to combat severe constapation caused by perscription pain medications. Now I have a leaking fecal problemI. I stopped taking MiraLax a week ago yet I still have the problem with leaking soft feces constantly. I do not even know it’s happening until I go to the bathroom and see the problem on my undies. I’ve been wearing panty liners yet sometimes there is even too much for them to absorb because of quantity and consistency. My doctor said the “leaking” problem is common with those becoming constipated while taking pain medications and taking MiraLax routinely, and was not concerned. I’m taking Imodium in large quanties (3-4 at a time, sometimes a couple times a day) and it helps for a while but the problem continues. This is disgusting, how can I get it to stop all together? Now I’m concerned about taking MiraLax ever again.