I was in need of my zoloft 100mg tabs for my anxiety. But I had no money for my co-pay and no money for my prescription. 3 days went without my meds. Then 1 full week. then a full month. Between those times I was feeling overly emotional, I cried at "The drop of a hat". I was an emotional wreck. I also felt very strange on some days. My neck felt swollen, my left arm felt limp, and on some days I felt like I was floating, my memory was almost shot I was. I had noticed that when I exercise really hard that those strange feelings would go away some. Or I would put a really hot rag around my neck and drink tea or coffee that would help too. I had to do something to help me feel better. It has now been 2 months since Ive had my meds. I seem to be doing okay to good. Every now and then I feel a little strange, My memory is getting better. and Im not as emotional. Im going to make an appointment with my doctor now to tell them whats been going on with me. I mean I cant believe I havent had my medicine for 2 months.