Would any of my hair folicules still be revived after almost two years if I start minoxidil now? No other visible underlining for hair loss cause. I do know medications caused it, i was on hep c copagus and pegases for year, i do know hair grows back to normal after finishing treatment its been around 8months since i finished treatment hair hasnot grown back. The worry from that medication. Sadly I used an anti anxiety medication lorzapam as well for a year and so, I have stopped since around 5months . Im a 28 years old female. I used and still use alot of vitamin bcomplex bioten zinc and more. Id checked for almost everything I need to check for my v d levels are good my iron is good, my thyriods are good Im not sure if I missed a couple of tests for it, cortisol is good. Was once high before but after a double same day check it was lower both times almost checked everything even more i didnt mention didnt do a biopsy tho. Am under alot of stress adding hairloss also. I was thought to have telogen effluvium if so its been chronic. I eat mostly healthy and do some excercises. I did try minocidil for few weeks before bit freaked from more visible hair fall through the day. Although these days I feel I have been having hair fall also. Help please. What is the best thing to do. Doc do say telegen effluvium or medication have triggered early hereditary hair loss. Im not sure its the case. Minoxidil do I use or not? Any as effective natural treatments out there as minoxidil?