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Minocycline - Is it effective for use in OCD patients?

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masso 27 Mar 2016

No, minocycline is an antibiotic , it belongs to the drug class of tetracyclines.
It is used in the treatment of acne; bacterial infection; skin or soft tissue infection; rheumatoid arthritis; bartonellosis.

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Inactive 7 Apr 2016

Hi, thanks for answering. Sorry I'm late in giving feedback. Minocycline has been given in multiple trials to people with OCD with amazing results. Seriously, results from research trials are usually never this good. As you know, medical science marches forward, but slowly. The clinical trials are still continuing but when news such as this gets out, some doctors may prescribe the medication to their patients since many meds can sometimes treat multiple symptoms. This time-tested and well known antibiotic in combination with Zoloft is worth checking out. So, the question really is: Has it been prescribed in private practice?

Heretic 5 Jun 2016

Minocycline has twenty identified anti-inflammatory actions documented in the the laboratory ( Savitz, Preskorn et al 2011). It is one of the few known anti-inflammatory medicines that penetrates the central nervous system. TLR inhibitor amitriptyline is okay at 10 mg po qhs for minor pain, headache prevention, and CNS inflammation; but at higher doses it has interactions with SSRI's and has numerous side effects. TLR inhibitor Naltrexone is effective at 50 mg po bid and usually is without side effects for anyone not taking an opiate - but a few people experience GI distress.

masso 5 Jun 2016

One learns something new everyday, I just did today.

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