I'm 19 and I've been taking venlafaxine for about 6 months. My highest description was 150 mg and I started taking 75 mg for a week and then 35.7 mg for another week. That was the instruction my doctor gave me.

The withdrawal symptoms got worse immediately after I stopped taking the medicine. The worst are constant sleepiness and brain zaps. I have slept through the whole day and night for the past few days and still feel like I could sleep more. The sleep isn't deep and I wake up often and have a lot of dreams that most are nightmares. When I'm awake I feel this electric-shock-like experiences in the brain, or brain zaps, often, at least once every ten minutes. I also have mood swings. I feel angry and get irritated and lose my patience very easily, then it turns to sadness and I feel like crying for no reason. Then I have other symptoms too like headaches, sweating.

I haven't had the drug for three days now and I feel like I'm losing my mind already.