I have been told by a few ppl that I dearly trust that I should stay on subs for a while to let my brain adjust. I have also recv'd info saying that I should get off of them as fast as possible. I have been off of vicodin for 12 days now. Isn't that long enough for it to have left my body?? And, if so, then the w/d that I felt on Friday were coming from the subs?! Why am I experiencing these w/d feelings if the vics are out of my system! Please help me wrap my brain around all of this. I am getting so frustrated to the point of feeling depressed. I have dealt with one clinical depression (1993) and during that time I was also agoraphobic. Yesterday I had a slight feeling of it as while we were coming back from my step-grandson's bday party (of which we were gone from the house a total of 2 hrs) all I could think about was 'getting back to my home, where it's safe'. I haven't had those feelings in forever and it quite worried me! :( :( I feel as if I've been on this site nonstop since I joined on 8/11. Please, I could use some advice or just a show of support, and some feedback on the w/d symptoms, etc. Thank you!