... pills at my boyfriend's house an hour away, so I didn't take my pill for three days. I called my doctor and she said to double up on the pack until its gone, then start a new one once I get my period. So i did that and since then I only missed one or two days of taking my pill (if i forgot to take it I would take it the next morning first thing). I missed last month's period. And I haven't gotten my period yet for this month. If i would have gotten my period for this month, It should end by tomorrow.
I just started to get cramping yesterday and a little bit of white discharge today. Does this mean my period is on its way?? I'm terrified of getting pregnant... I usually always use condoms. We've been extra carful making sure to use them since i really messed up my pills.. my bf hasn't been in me for more than a few seconds before putting on protection... I'm just looking for clarification that this is normal for birth control pills to mess up a period when not taken properly and that I'm most likely not pregnant