All my life I have had depression and mild mania. I have PD and the drugs seem to make the high's higher and the lows come more often or maybe it is just the PD. When I go into the depressions they dont last too long so far but the mania is more of the problem. I push myself
hard and stay up all night and cant stop working. It is worse since I went
on the PD meds. Mirapex and Levadopa/cabadopa. I dont feel I need meds
at this time but just want some feedback as this would explain a whole lot.
I can live with myself like this and people flock to me as they think Im a lot of fun. I do need to learn to limit the amount of stimulation I have to better control the PD. Is it actaully possible to do this if it is Bi polar or am I fooling myself and the pattern will continue against my will? If this is Bi polar then it must
be the best kind to have as Im more manic than depressed. Is there a name for this kind?
Thanks in advance for your reply's.