I suffer migranes(strong and regular ones) for almost 10 years now. I am between hydrocodone, percocet and oxycodone. I have been through all the migrane preventative meds on the market. It is interesting that after taking any migrane meds (like Imitrex, not sure for spelling and so on), my body gives almost all the side effects(dizzines, swelling, chest pain) . So now I gave up on preventing it, jut trating it as migrane occures. To give more details, no tylenol, asperin or ibuprophen works on me, I guess my body immune to those. I have regular blood tests and my liver is fine so it means I don'r take too much or my pain meds.
My concern is that eventually opioid pain meds will get addopted by my body also and then I will be stuck with horrid migrane attacks. Is there something what can help also, what I nor my doctor knows. Any advise will be appreciated.