... have been on Relpax 40 mg. for several years now. It used to work like a dream; unfortunately, now I usually have to take at least 1.5 tabs-2 tabs on migraine days--and I normally get 2 migraine attacks a month that last 3 days each. I can only get ($) coverage for 6 pills/month. Any more and I pay out of pocket; just 1 (40 mg.) Relpax tablet is approx. $40-$45.
My insurance will not cover Frova until I have tried Zomig, which would be fine, except since I got my Relpax RX less than a month ago they won't pay for either (same class of drugs-triptans). Currently I am suffering with another severe migraine attack & my Physiatrist prescribes the Triptans for me--should I call him tomorrow and explain the situation with the insurance so maybe he can call in the Migranal? It seems like strong stuff, I am worried he won't RX it if so...
I just need a different class of drug other than the Triptans to ride this month out.
Any suggestions, anyone?