I fell from a high area and fractured my coccyx, at age 13. After that, neck pain. At the age of 13, it felt as if The skin was on Fire!!
Doctors couldn't diagnose that.
At 13, 14 one doesn't know every bone in the body. They only know if they hurt to tell their parents. In 1968, they took me to doctors.
The answer was either something I wasn't or, nothing...

After my 3rd child, daily migraines. Then, within a couple of months, shoulder, mid back pain and lumbar area. I couldn't go to my job. Since then, neurologist to neurologist, the last entire year,
Pain management doctor problems I've been suspended in mid air more than a year. Misdiagnosed many times.

I know me best.
My gp helps me get by (through the pain ) it's been far past a "ten". Pain patch doesn't work also, falls off after two days, and I'm allergic to it.
It took twelve hours to get into my system then, I broke out in hives. The doctor gives me atarax but not enough. I'm taking Neurontin 3x a day. My hair fell out.
New DEA laws, I think may be holding doctors back from prescribing what helps a patient.
Before the gp, I saw a neurologist. He helped me a lot but we disagreed about something.
So, over a year I've been taking this Butrans doesn't work.
I've been misdiagnosed for 48 years.
Information on possible cervical spondylosis and what to do about it would help. I'm also taking Motrin 600mg three times a day and Maxalt, needing that every day.
My spine is crooked. I've had an mri of neck and back but am in much pain and want to take what the neurologist was giving me. Since the X rays I haven't seen the correct doctor for over a year.